How to Remove Liquidity

Step 1: After accessing Baryon Network and logging in the Coin98, click the Connect Wallet icon in the upper right to connect to Coin98. Baryon Network will automatically detect and connect to your Coin98.

Step 2: Click on Liquidity in the left corner, you will see Your Liquidity. Click on the arrow to show the details of your added liquidity. Click Remove.

Step 3: Enter the amount of liquidity you want to remove. Before you could remove liquidity, you need to approve LP. Please choose Approve LP, then click Confirm to complete.

The system will ask users to pay a network fee to approve the LP tokens. Users need to prepare enough fees for this step.

Step 4: Continue to click Remove.

Step 5: Check the amount you will receive, then click Confirm Remove.

Wait a few minutes for the system to process. After processing successfully, the system will display a notification.

Step 5: After removing them successfully, you can check your tokens in your wallet.

You can view all information about the transaction by clicking “View Transaction”

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