Baryon Network

Your trusted DEX on Multi-Chain to swap, stake, farm, and build on top.
Baryon Network is a Multi-Chain-based Premier Suite of DeFi Products, containing three fundamental pillars: BaryonSwap (AMM), BaryonFarm, and BaryonStake.


BaryonSwap is a decentralized automated liquidity pool built on the Multi-Chain, allowing users to exchange any tokens. Besides, BaryonSwap will also aggregate liquidity from other plentiful sources to offer users the best trading prices.


BaryonFarm enables users to maximize gains on LP tokens with additional reward tokens provided by projects, which is a vehicle for builders to support their liquidity providers.


BaryonStake allows the project team to reward their loyal holders with the staking feature. Rewards are compounded automatically so users don't need to do anything besides clicking the stake button.
Last modified 3mo ago